Starting a small business ramble

So, it is 3am, and I am just finishing up my orders for the day. But this is not a normal, "Oh my lord!! It's 3am! I need to get to bed!!", its more of a "Oh wow, it's 3am! I should probably get to bed.. or start a Blog or something..". I have never blogged before so if you decide to read this, bare with me.. I'm kind of new to this. This is blog #1

You see, I get an idea, and have to do something about it, create, if you will. That is what drives me. Well, that, my family and making stuff. You see, I was laid off in April 2020, like so many others. I had a great job, man, I loved my job, but I was the new guy, and once all of the new regulations started going into place with covid, I knew that if lay-offs were to happen, I was the low man on the totem pole. Surprisingly, I was wrong, I wasn't the first to go, I was actually the 4th. I knew it was hard on my boss, to have to let his people go, I worked in a small shop of about 15 people, for an oil company, so I tried to make it as easy as possible for him. I liked my boss. I was already expecting it, so why make the situation worse for everyone else?

I got home, my wife was working from home due to the covid situation, I didn't have to say a word, she knew why I was home. There was supposed to be a big meeting at work regarding the covid situation, and we figured a lay-off plan was going to be talked about in that meeting, but lay-offs occurred in the morning, so we never made it to the meeting..

Once home, I sit down at my desk and tried to call the work force commission. I think that entire first day I was on the phone, getting a constant busy tone, I tried to call the unemployment office, with no luck of getting through. After literally 1000's of tries, about a week later, I finally got through, YAY!!

So I am officially on unemployment, that is helpful.. I have also been applying for jobs, while calling the unemployment office. I think I applied for about 250 jobs in my first week of being unemployed. From anything in my field to anything I could find. You know, I would expect at least 1 call back or email, but I got nothing. By this point in time, The market is flooded with applicants and a week before getting laid off, our local grocery store, HEB, Lowes and Home Depot had announced that they were hiring, but I was a week short on that one, they all had about 40,000 applicants. So I just sat around racking my brain on what to do, as my unemployment is slowly running out. I can go mow lawns, but it seems that a lot of other people had that same idea.

I am not a sit around the house kind of guy, so I started knocking out the honey-do list around the house, tackling the big projects first. I built a few barn doors, I took some "me" time, I just stayed busy but I didn't go fishing like I planned.. I decided since I could not find a job, I will create a job! But what?! I pitch the idea to my wife, who is extremely supportive, and she likes the idea, She has seen what I am capable of and knows whatever I do, will be amazing! her words not mine. But what?! I go to my moms house, to check on her and bring up the same concept to her, my mom is pretty amazing, her words not mine Haha! just kidding, but what?! you see, I have so many skills, and soo many things that I like to do, and a million hobbies , "what am I going to start" was the hardest question I have ever had to answer. I am good at so many things, but logically speaking, they are not sustainable. I build guitars, but my name isn't Fender or Gibson, I do wood work but I only like doing some stuff and I am not a professional by any means, I love to weld but I am not certified, I am a certified handyman, If I have to do it, I will, but I prefer not as I am my own worst critic and lose money because a job is not up to my standards, I am a professional solderer but I applied for all of those jobs with no call back, I work on and build computers, I keep fish, I can keep going.

The epiphany, I Love re-selling, you could say I was a picker/wheeler dealer since I was about 5, when I traded a Hotwheels car for a Star wars set. Mom made me trade back, but I love wheeling and dealing!! I really know a little bit about a lot of things! (80's trivia, you want me on your team). My dream job would be a picker, just spending my days buying and selling. But there is an amount of capital needed to get into that, plus everyone else thinks they are Frank and Mike these days.. Maybe I'll start a thrift shop of sorts, but I would have to change some aspects around and make it my vision, like thrift stuff with my works of art as well and anything else I deemed necessary. As much as I loved that idea and wish I could do that, once again, I didn't have the capital.

I just bought a new truck the previous December. and fortunately, my old truck was paid off, so I kept it, opposed to trading it in. I decided this was the time, I put it up for sale, to use the funds for something, not quite sure what yet, but something. The truck sells so I have some capital, but still not really enough to start picking unless I found that holy grail item, but I'm not taking that chance yet.. I researched for days on what to sell. I want to start small and stable. I talked to people that currently re-sell. I had it narrowed down to two things!! Finally, I *think* I know what I am going to do!! I am going to sell Ladies clothing and books!! Per my research, there is good profit there and they are an easy sell. There is one problem with it, I know nothing about either, and the passion is certainly not there! But in the name of feeding my family! I will persist.. with books and ladies clothing..

Rule number 1 about starting your own business, Get the stupid ideas out of the way first!! Whew.. There I said it.. That was so dumb, Books and ladies clothing?! Ok.. But it did drive me to get started with my website and getting business things accomplished, so that is a huge plus!! Luckily a few days afterwards, Lasers and decals popped into my head, while staring at a decal on the back window of my truck, I ran lasers at my previous company for the past 3 years, and made decals for fun. I have several friends that do printing, decals, lasers ect.. so I reached out to them for a session of 20 questions. Oh thank god, I got the stupid idea out of the way first. Books and ladies clothing.. lord.. In the mean time, more ideas form regarding this new venture, including names, products ect..

Years ago, I worked in a call center and myself and a few buddies all sat in a group. We were fans of Adult Swim on the Cartoon network, well, I still am, and we loved the show Sealab 2021. Pod six was kind of the joke of the show, everyone hated pod six and "pod six were a bunch of jerks", so we called our group pod six. One of the business names that I came up with was "Pod Six Products" and it kind of stuck, everyone I pitched it to, who had no idea of the reference, loved it, so I bring you Pod Six Products!!

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